The Steve Jones Trio is a Seattle-based acoustic jazz piano trio, featuring Paul Storz on upright bass, Mike Eaton on drums, and Steve Jones on piano. This group plays song-form jazz tunes in a lyrical yet swinging style. The group’s sound influences are the Keith Jarrett Trio, the Dave Peck Trio, the Bill Evans Trio and the Chick Corea Akoustic Band.

The Trio sometimes adds additional players (saxophone, trumpet, vocals) for different occasions. We often work with local Seattle singers.

Steve Jones (piano) retired from the PC technology industry in 2010, studying privately with local jazz piano artist Dave Peck. Steve enjoys the fresh lyrical and swinging jazz styles of Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, and is most in his element building happy groups of people working together to have fun. Steve lives in Redmond, Washington.

Mike Eaton (drums) has been playing drums in the Seattle area with various groups for over 40 years.  His love for jazz has been his main focus for the last 10 years, which is where we find Mike today with the Steve Jones Trio as well as a mainstay with the Bainbridge Island Book Club Jazz Band.  His formal studies include private study with Mark Ivester as well as a participant at the Centrum Jazz Festival.  Mike makes his home in Monroe, Washington.

Paul Storz (bass) has played bass regularly since his college days in Bay Area clubs, playing in a variety of genres, including high energy band The Schematics. Seeking the more mature sound of the double bass, Paul studied classically for several years with Seattle’s premere bass instuctor, Anna Doak, performing the classical bass repertoire through various recitals in the area. Since then, Paul has become increasingly involved with jazz bass, studying with Seattle’s own bass powerhouse Clipper Anderson, and now enjoys holding down the bottom end with The Steve Jones Trio, finding the improvisation

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